loose ends and debris; mumbling into the void

Ostensibly human, I live somewhere in North America. I read a lot of science fiction.

I have a lot of ideas, some good, but lack followthrough, so this is an archive of those ideas and maybe a reminder to keep working on them.

I plan to update this as I sporadically write more but I expect it to eventually drift, derelict, like the rest of my projects.

If you've found yourself here, I hope you like my writing.


gemini [WIP; full story based off the short]

gemini [short]

left hand of the artificer


turtle on the rock

children of god


deep bruise

red nucleus

you only live forever

luna australis



a conversation



shitty mspaint drawings


If you like my work, you can get in touch with me by messaging me at my subreddit above.

Please don't steal anything I've made. I will be flattered, but unhappy, and aren't we all unhappy enough already?